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Digital marketing is what will guarantee your business to win.  Whether you employ a full inbound marketing strategy or just grow a great website, you have to have a digital marketing strategy nailed down.  

Authority marketing is the key to break through.  Your voice is what will capture and keep attention on you and your brand. Its the easy way to sell!

Read up on digital marketing, watch digital marketing YouTube videos, have a free consultation with us, or hire a college grad (or not), you gotta figure it out.

Search engine marketing is the only way to not have to hustle forever!


There are two sides of the SEO coin.

- Content/On page Optimization

- Backlink Building

If you simply optimize on page content and have a little more of it than your competition, in most local business search competitions you win the rankings.

Both link building and on page optimization are need to’s, but on page optimization is safer in today’s dirty backlink building world.


Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and many more…

Which social media platforms should you be on, and what do you do when you are on it?

We’re going to ruffle some feathers here but in a social media strategy if you do not take into account the shelf life of your posts and the searchability of your efforts you need to think about it.

Social media shelf life is how long does that post stay alive, being discovered when a hot lead is looking for your services. The answer to both of these questions, and many more need to be addressed in your social media strategy.


Adwords and Facebook ads

Do you do both?  Do you only do one?  When, how much, and why?

Here’s our quick non-encyclopedia nor hard biblical truth take on online advertising.

AdWords - when your keyword can be nailed down with buyers intent, plumbers, handymen, repair companies, and other need now services or products, crush it with Google and other Search Engine Ads .

Facebook ads - when you can interrupt marketing like a boss, Facebook ad away

Realtors, digital agencies, accountants, success coaches, become a Facebook ads opt-in expert and grow an email list of your target audience and email date them the right way.


Website design from Fluid Frame is not just about the sex appeal.  

Website design needs to be conversion focused.

Conversion-focused based on user behavior and content marketing is at the core of our website growth plans.

The number one thing a website should be built for is converting visitors into customers.  Is it selling a widget in a cart? Getting a website visitor to call your store? Getting them on your email list?

What is the primary conversion metric your business needs to accomplish, your website design should be built around that fundamental need.

Sure pick your colors, choose your layout, but when you let preference of website design trump conversion, it is built wrong.

Website growth by design is the technical description of our site builds. We don’t make a website and let it collect dust for three years until you feel like the colors are too outdated. That's the old way!

We add content to our sites consistently.

Grow your site based on keywords your business needs to be chasing. Grow your site with landing pages that convert.

Building websites sucks, grow one instead.


The money is in the list.  Most entire business revenues could be 100% replaced if you know how to market an email list efficiently.

It is the core foundation, the most fundamental asset that should be your most high priority.

Need a Fluid company that focuses continually on a constant (Frame) of increasing revenue for your business?

Schedule a 15-minute chat and authority market your business to success.

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