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5 Easy SEO Steps to Boost Your Website Presence and Revenue

5 Easy SEO Steps to Boost Your Website Presence and Revenue

What the heck is SEO and why do you need it?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing your website traffic’s quantity and quality through a number of techniques. This involves the use of links, keywords, and writing quality content with relevant keywords in them.

There are a TON of SEO courses online, some worth hundreds of dollars or a few bucks.

But today, I’m here to give you FREE basic SEO that can help you get started and rock out your content to inch closer to your business goals.

Ready to crush your online business with the help of SEO?

Stick around and let’s get these SEO steps nailed down!

Set up your blog

Set up your blog

Wanna be good at SEO?

Then the first step you need to take is to practice!

You can never be great at one thing unless you’ve got some practice and you do it over and over again and constantly refine your skills.

So go create a website, a junk website or something that you can use for practicing your blogging skills and SEO.

Set up your own WordPress website and be sure to get your own domain name that stands for your brand.

If you’re a total noob and you don’t know how to get started, you can go to hosting sites such as bluehost, godaddy and hostgator where they offer a one-click step to set up your hosting, domain, and WordPress website in a matter of minutes.

Once you have a home for your content, you can now go to the next step…

Start Blogging

Start Blogging

Feeling intimidated by the thought of blogging and putting the written content out?

You gotta get over that hump if you want to be great at SEO.

So you need to blog regularly to refine your skills. Start a 90-day challenge and just pound out and write your content for 90 days straight.

At the end of the 90th day, not only will you feel more confident about writing, but you’ll also have 90 pieces of content written!

Plus, you’ll sharpen your writing skills as you flex your content creation muscles each day.

Before you start, decide on a topic that interests you, something that you’re excited about and you want to keep learning more about not just for a day or two but for who knows how long!

The more you’re excited about one thing, the more you want to keep getting better at it. So start blogging and keep doing it on a daily basis!

Install the Yoast SEO Plugin

Install the Yoast SEO Plugin

You’ve got your blog, you’ve got your content, what’s next?

Go install the Yoast SEO plugin!

It’s a super smart tool that gets your content optimized for Google but at the same time, you need to do some work to make sure you get your awesome content kick butt!

Basically, it gives you suggestions on how to up your game in the SEO world, which includes putting in your keyword in your title tag, meta description, and throughout the content.

And if you think you’re not quite super techie, don’t worry…

There are tutorials and a walk-through guide on how to use Yoast plugin to get you up to speed in learning and mastering SEO.

Cross-Link Your Blog Posts Together

Link is life when it comes to SEO.

Your blog is like a lonely little island at first, and you gotta link your content together to kind of build bridges that will get them all connected. Plus this helps with your ranking and getting indexed by Google!

Say you have two blog posts - one about yoga and another about vegan food.

You can link these two posts by talking about yoga and how eating vegan food helps with your daily practice, health, and fitness goals. Then you link your vegan food post to your yoga post by sharing your favorite vegan smoothie after doing yoga.

Makes sense?

The goal is to link all your posts together IF and WHEN possible. If it doesn’t make sense to link a bunch of your posts, then don’t do it. It will just seem forced and kind of weird if you try to link them when it doesn’t even sound natural at all.

Build Links

This time, you want to try to get links from other blogs or websites relevant to your niche.

The best way to do this is by using ahrefs and checking out your competitor URLs. Then you’ll see who links to them, then you can email these guys and try to have them link to your blog.

So you connect with them send them an email with this message:


I noticed that you’re linking to XYZ. We have a similar business (insert link here) within the same region. But you might be interested in the fact that we also offer (insert services) that they don’t.

You should check us out and we might be able to help your business.



You can’t expect all of these guys to respond to your email but if you could get 5 responses out of 100, that’s great news for you!

So go ahead and start sending those emails that can help you build links for your SEO goals.

Build Your Online Business Success with SEO Today

SEO may sound like a complex, big thing to conquer, but it’s really not as tough as you think it is!

By going through these steps and practicing everyday, you can be a master in SEO before you know it.

Get yourself a website, start blogging, use the Yoast SEO tool, cross link your posts and build links to rock out your SEO today!

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