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4 Effortless Ways to Generate Leads Quickly

4 Effortless Ways on How to Generate Leads Quickly

If your website is getting tons of traffic but not a whole lot of leads, you're not using your site for it's best purpose.

Sure, traffic’s amazing but it’s the leads that make money for your business.

What’s 123,456 visitors when you’ve got just 1 or maybe 2 leads?

That means nothing!!!

So here’s what you gotta do...

Make a few tweaks on your website that will pump up your chances of getting leads.

Get smart while working hard and apply these sneaky but highly effective tactics to generate leads fast.

Make sure your website has a contact form.

What kind of website has no contact form?

A website that’s never gonna have any leads!

It’s why you don’t just work on your homepage and about page. You MUST put in there a contact form where your visitors can put in their information and message to reach out to you.

Don’t know how to create a contact form?

No worries. There are a TON of free tools online that you can use to create stunning and functional contact forms for your website.

For instance, there’s wufoo that you can use to create up to 5 forms for free. If you want more, you can upgrade and pay a bit to get those forms and other features on your website.

Wanna see the leads you’re generating?

Sign up and create an account with Wufoo and check out those leads when you log in.

It’s fast, easy, and so simple like that!

Do popups upon exit to snag leads.

Do you notice those popus that appear on your screen upon exiting a website?

These popups entice you to sign up and put in your information before you go.

You absolutely need to do this, too, on your website if you want those elusive leads.

An easy way to create them is through Hellobar.com, where you can create awesome popups that convert.

So basically these popups appear on the side of your website after 10, 20, 30 seconds or whatever setting you want to put it to. Once it pops up, and you’ve got a form field on there, your visitors can easily type in their information.

It’s a great way to start building your list once you have their email addresses on hand.

Date them with emails, give value to them each time, and boom. It won’t be long until these folks can turn into leads.

Link your content to pages with form fields.

Say you have a blog written on dog training.

You would want to link this content to your contact form or maybe your consulting page or other pages that include form fields where your visitors can learn more about the product or service you are offering relevant to dog training.

An alternative to linking to those pages is simply putting in ads at the bottom of your blog post that talks about those very same products or services you are promoting that will help your readers further with dog training or whatever topic you’re writing about.

After reading your comprehensive and uber informative content, they would want to know more about it and maybe take things to the next level by buying your eBook or attending your webinar that delves further on the stuff you have just shared with them in the blog post.

This is a sneaky and super smart way to collect leads from your blog visitors!

Add a contact form within the sidebar of your web pages.

In every blog post you have, put a contact form on the sidebar that your readers can easily spot and type in their email address to send you a message or inquiry about your content.

Maybe you have a content on supplements or yoga or a 30-day challenge or whatever.

After they read the post - or maybe even before they finish reading - they can quickly enter their contact details in the form if they have further questions or they want to optin to your giveaway.

By putting a contact form on every webpage, you’re making it easier for your visitors to connect with you… And you’re making it effortless for you to connect with them once you have their email address!

Get Leads and Not Just Traffic Fast with These Techniques!

Get Leads and Not Just Traffic Fast with These Techniques!

You’ve just spent xxx dollars on your website and you’ve got big dreams for it.

So don’t just settle for traffic. You gotta work your tail off to get those elusive leads… And lots of it!

Follow these steps on how to collect leads on your website and start creating income for a lifestyle business you’ve always wanted.

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