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Why You Need a Marketing Funnel for Your Business

Unless you have a marketing funnel set up in your business, you’re doing it all wrong.

And it’s not just creating a sales funnel…

You need to do funnel optimization to speed up lead generation that will ultimately bring you more profits.

So what is a funnel and how does it work?

Let me explain.

Marketing Sales Funnel Basics

A sales funnel is that process website visitors go through where they transition from being a potential customer to someone who actually buys your product.

So first, they are simply “potentials”, or people who may or may not even be your market. But then, they may turn into prospects after showing a hint of interest in your offer when they have seen your awesome advertisement.

Maybe there’s something about the video or text + image on your Facebook or print ad that struck them.

They probably never knew they had that need or desire until they saw your offer, and now they’re super interested. Your leads are now in that stage where they’re thinking about buying your stuff, but still not taking that action.

Once they have made up their mind and actually clicked the call to action button, you secure them as a lead, and steer them through your marketing funnel to become customers.

The only goal that matters!

A digital marketing funnel moves people through several stages while it whittles down a huge chunk of mere suspects so they’ll end up as customers.

Picture this:

Say you own a restaurant.

Folks who pass by your shop are your suspects. They just pass by, get curious and glance at your shop, maybe linger outside to chat with their friends and wonder if they would step inside, but not 100% sure they want to go in. But the curiosity is there.

Then you have your staff outside showing these people the menu, they flip through the pages, look interested, smiling, and decide to enter. Now, you’ve got prospects.

They look around, take a seat, and have that eager look on their face and about to make an order.

These leads then become your customers the moment they raise their hands, call for the waiter, and actually buy your stuff.

So it’s basically the very same concept you’re doing with a marketing sales funnel. But only online.

Makes sense?

Your conversion funnel is what you do to sell and upsell your products, generate leads and turn them into customers. And there are different sales funnel stages they go through, but essentially, the goal is is to gain customers for your business and not get stuck on the suspects or prospects phase.

How to Have a Successful Marketing Funnel

So you have your Google adwords, your Facebook Pay Per Click, and whatever advertising you’re probably doing, even print ads.

You need to have a landing page that’s optimized for the words and purpose of your ads.

Sending these paid for visitors to your home page is the last thing you want to do.

Get your OPTIMIZED optin page or squeeze page (same thing) going, and make sure you’re not giving your visitors any other place to look or go to when they land on the URL for your ad.

You want to funnel them into where you want them to go.

A digital marketing funnel is the secret sauce to a successful business, and doing it right generates free leads for you immediately.

Sales Funnel Stages

Depending on your business you will have different sales funnel stages in your marketing funnel.

A winning formula for online businesses that local businesses are missing out on is this.






In these sales funnel stages you 

  1. Get a lead sealed by getting their email address on your landing page
  2. Recoup your ad spend with a one time offer page, giving you free leads
  3. Make money 4 minutes after you get your lead with an Upsell Page
  4. And then thank them for purchasing and welcoming them to your email list

When your business dials in one of these digital marketing funnels you have a 24/7 lead generating machine making money for you even when your doors are closed.

It takes a few tries to get to this place, your first marketing funnel you launch likely will not be the winning profit making funnel. That is why you have to be Fluid (Which is why that is the first half of our name) and adapt and analyze your funnel.

Adapt and Analyze Your Marketing Funnel for Success

And how do you do this?

A few ways.

Split test your Headline first

Words are powerful, especially copy language.

Then there’s watching real users on the different pages in your funnel. Seeing where they are reading, skipping over, or dropping off with a heatmap.

There’s Facebook targeting instead of just boosting a post and tracking which Facebook audiences are actually making your business money. No more throwing money away on untrackable revenue being generated for Facebook and not you.

Same thing with keyword targeting on Adwords.

Determining which of your ads, digital, print, billboards, and more are generating your business the right kind of leads can be done with a marketing funnel.

Which ones get you the right leads, make you a sale, or gets them to call.

Speaking of phone calls…

If you are using your main phone number on your website or marketing funnel, you’re doing it all wrong…

You have to track everything.

How do you do it then?

Have a dedicated number for tracking each print ad and getting code on your website pages and funnel pages to know who converts into a phone call or not.

Get Your Marketing Sales Funnel Up and Running the Right Way

Funnel optimization is our favorite game, and it’s what we’re exceptional at.

Want to generate leads to get appointments for your consultation business?

Wanting to bag a ton of leads for your products or service?

Want to make more sales?

With an optimized funnel, a brilliant Facebook advertising strategy and some serious Google Ads optimizations you can get the leads you want for your business.

And Fluid Frame Legacy is the funnel optimization master for most businesses.

No, we don’t work with everybody.

Schedule a 15 minute chat and see if Fluid Frame is right for growing your business with a sales and marketing funnel.